We at AirDuct Specialists, Inc., have been tending to the clean air of Denver Metro Area buildings for over 12 years. Call us for a FREE consultation!

We offer:

  • Cutting-edge cleaning technologies
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Affordable prices – Commercial Level of Cleaning for Residential Price!
  • Before-and-after pictures and videos
  • No mess left behind, just pure air

Why choose us?

With meticulous love, old-fashioned integrity, and cutting-edge cleaning technologies and tools, we will leave your home with pure fresh air and no mess. We pride ourselves on caring communication, creative problem-solving, quick service, flexible scheduling, and affordable prices that never force you to choose between your budget and your family’s health.

All of our technicians are highly trained and experienced in cleaning a vast variety of home heating systems. We are all on salary, not commission, so our quality attention and honesty is never jeopardized by sales agendas. We provide before-and-after pictures and videos, so you can see how much dust and grime we removed.

In the air duct industry, we are unique in our commitment to affordability, our partnership with a kids’ charity, and our specialized experience. We guarantee the quality of our work, and we are bonded and insured.



6 Reasons To Get Your Ducts Cleaned

  1. Get dust, pollen, mold, dander, bacteria, and chemicals out of the lungs of your home!
  2. Reduce allergies, asthma, and illness
  3. Save money on your energy bill!
  4. Clean out the toxic leftovers from old tenants, construction, or remodeling
  5. Improve airflow!
  6. Help to remove foul odors and pet dander

Peek into the air ducts in your kitchen or by your front door. What is your family breathing?