Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

Alright, you’ve seen it in countless of air conditioning repair service commercials or ads. Usually, you’ll see the spooky, icky-looking stuff surrounding an air conditioning vent and then hear an audio warning that your air duct needs cleaning: your health and that of your family’s is in jeopardy! As a rule, a reputable professional air duct cleaning Denver provider stays away from business promotion gimmicks such as those above.

Our article below summarizing this EPA report, gives you truthful answers to the questions that you may have, such as what is an a/c air duct job, how can you tell if it needs cleaning and what health issues can arise from an air duct if left uncleaned.

What Is Faux Air Duct Cleaning

A photo showing a huge machine, with a larger attached hose, and a giant nozzle going inside an air duct, is not a real duct cleaning job. At most, if carried out as shown in ads, it merely serves to give the impression that this is what the public will get. In other words, “caveat emptor”–let the buyer beware. This is not what reputable air duct cleaning Denver service providers do.

What Is A Real A/C Duct Cleaning Job?

Genuine a/c duct cleaning jobs consist of sanitizing, otherwise known as duct cleaning, the various heating and cooling system components of air systems. Typically, components that need cleaning are the return air ducts, registers, grills and diffusers, heating and cooling coils, drain pans, the fan motor, fan housing and the handling of the entire a/c housing unit itself.

If they’re not properly maintained, they become encrusted and contaminated with dust, pollen or other debris and consequently affect your overall performance. Worse yet, if moisture is present, then the stage is set for microbiological bacteria, such as mold, which would indeed affect the health of those in your household.

How To Easily Tell If You Need An Air Duct Cleaning Job?

Not trying to be evasive, this all depends on each home’s a/c system. Generally, if no one in the household suffers from respiratory illnesses, asthma or allergies, and if you see no outward signs of dust, mold or musty odors, it’s an almost sure bet that you don’t need a professional air duct cleaning job.

How To Prevent Dirty Air Duct Systems

In real estate, the slogan is “location, location and location!” In the world of air conditioning, it’s “filters, filters and filters!” Using the highest efficiency design in air filters, changing them frequently and keeping them constantly replenished are the best ways to ensure your air quality at home–and keep possible repairs to a minimum.

Likewise, always make sure to have an a/c service provider check for cooling pans and drain pans, piano movers denver and make sure that all dust is cleaned up before operating your a/c system. Above all, keep your home clean, and vacuum regularly as you also remember to clean out your filter bags.

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  1. Good tips here. Glad you took the time to explain “why” we should use an air duct cleaning service.

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