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Can Dirty Air Ducts Make Your House Smell?

Smelly Air Ducts Denver CO

On a hot day or a cold night, it can be a real relief to switch on the air conditioning or heating in your house. However, that relief might quickly turn to dismay if you notice an unpleasant odor coming from the vents. In most cases, these odors happen gradually. The smell seems intermittent for a while, or you might not notice it until you leave the house and come back in. You might simply notice a bad smell in your home without knowing what is causing it. Air ducts that need cleaning can be the reason for these bad smells. If there are odors coming from the HVAC air ducts in your home, you may want to contact an air duct cleaning service. These smells can happen in offices or other places as business as well as in your home. This can be unpleasant for your employees and may even cost you customers. Commercial air duct cleaning can mitigate this.

What Causes Bad Odors?

You might be frantically searching "air duct cleaning near me" while wondering why there are bad odors coming from your air ducts. After all, they are just passages that warm or cool air passes through. However, like anything else in your house, air ducts are vulnerable to mold, mildew and rodents. Some bad odors can indicate more serious problems. A burning smell that dissipates quickly the first time you turn on the heat in the winter is nothing to be worried about, but if it lasts, you should turn off your heating and have it inspected. Similarly, a gas or rotten egg odor should be dealt with immediately since it can indicate a gas leak. A musty odor in your laundry area can mean that your dryer vent needs cleaning. Dryer vent cleaning is important because a clog can be a fire hazard. Fortunately, while the smells in air ducts that need cleaning can affect your health over time and do need to be addressed, they are not generally not immediately hazardous in the same way. You can have a professional Denver air duct cleaning service inspect and clean your HVAC ducts to improve your indoor air quality and get rid of unpleasant smells.

Mold and Mildew

Is there a musty smell in your house when you run the heating or air conditioning? This might mean that mold is growing in the air ducts. When you inspect the vent or take the cover off and look into the air duct, you might actually be able to see it. In addition to the unpleasant odor, mold and mildew can cause respiratory issues over time. This is also a good reason to not try DIY-ing the problem. If you do want to clean up some of the visible mold, you should protect yourself with precaution such as gloves and a face mask. However, it is best to leave this kind of cleanup with people who are trained to do it.

Odors From Rodents

Mice and other rodents that make nests in your ducts can cause bad smells. If you smell urine coming from the air ducts, it is probably because of pests. If mice or other pests die in your ducts, the smell is probably especially bad. Air duct cleaning Denver professionals can locate and clean out nests, droppings and any dead animals that are in your ducts.

Other Ways to Reduce Odors

Be sure to change any filters regularly. Even if you haven't noticed any bad odors, if the filters seem to be getting dirty quickly, you might want to have a professional look over your air ducts and see if an unusual amount of dust or debris has accumulated. An electrostatic air filter might work better than ordinary ones. You can also buy an air purifier for your home to help keep the air smelling fresh and improve your indoor air quality. Opening the windows regularly and allowing fresh air to circulate through your home can reduce any staleness. This can be especially important in homes that are tightly sealed.

Why Have Your Ducts Cleaned Professionally?

Smells associated with your HVAC system can happen for a number of reasons, some of them related to your air ducts and some of them not. By calling in professionals to do your air duct cleaning, you can be sure that you are addressing the right problem. In addition, trying to do the cleaning yourself is generally not a good idea. You can't get very far into the ducts without risking damage. A company that specializes in air duct cleaning services has the equipment and the expertise to do the job thoroughly. If you try to do the job on your own, even if you think you have located the source of the odor, there may be other problems as well. Eliminating odors is not just a matter of making your workspace or living space more pleasant. Odors are an indication that the air quality is poor. With a professional cleaning, you can feel confident that your indoor air quality is improved and healthier.

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