House of Cards – Why Ignoring Your Indoor Air Quality Is Gambling With Your Health

The term indoor air quality is one everybody should be aware of as making sure we all stay happy and healthy is an integral part of keeping the quality of indoor air as high as possible. One of the main areas of concern for our customers are the contaminants passing through the HVAC system in any home or business; some statistics say we now spend around 90 percent of our time indoors, meaning air duct cleaning has never been as important as it is today.

Contaminants can be found in many forms in and around a property, which we believe can be removed from the atmosphere of any property when each air duct is cleaned properly in the future. Our HVAC company recommends duct cleaning as the air in any property is recirculated a number of times each and every day; when we consider an average home produces 40 pounds of dust each year we can begin to understand why it is important to keep indoor air quality as high as possible throughout the lifespan of any HVAC system.

Many of our customers question why duct cleaning is such an important part of home maintenance, which we answer by describing the HVAC system in any property as the lungs of a home or business. Contaminants found in most homes include pet hair, household dust, chemicals released from building materials, and cooking oils; these individual contaminants are dragged into the air conditioning system of each home and build up in the duct work to slowly release contaminants into the environment over a prolonged period of time. Cleaning these ducts has become an important part of the work of our company, and can have the result of allowing the HVAC system to run more efficiently with a higher level of air quality found in each property. Dirty ducts can limit the passage of air in any property with some estimates putting wasted energy levels from HVAC systems as high as between 25 and 40 percent. Not only does a clean HVAC system run more efficiently, but a lower use of energy also results in lower energy bills for our customers.

As HVAC professionals we believe each air duct should be cleaned to keep it free of damaging contaminants that can cause issues in terms of health problems affecting residents and regular visitors to any home. Those with asthma and lung issues can see their medical conditions made worse by dust, pet hair and chemicals moving through the building envelope; the young and elderly are also vulnerable to medical conditions caused by build up in the ducts of any property.