Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth It?

If you're lucky, you don't think about the air ducts of your home HVAC system often or at all. If you're not so lucky, you might have seen dust or mold around your vent covers, or you may have noticed your utility bills going up and wondered if there was an issue with your ducts. You may have also had problems in your home related to odors or the efficiency of your heat. You may have even had more respiratory or skin problems lately. Denver air duct cleaning can solve these issues and more.

Duct cleaning can be important in a commercial setting as well. As is the case with residential HVAC systems, commercial air duct cleaning can mean a more comfortable workplace and healthier employees.

Dust and Mold

It's normal to have dust in your house, but if you are noticing more than usual, and in particular if you are noticing a puff of dust coming from your vents when you turn on your heating or air conditioning, the ducts may need cleaning. Another sign that the dust might be getting out of hand is if you are finding you need to change filters more often. If someone in your household has a dust allergy, you may need to have the ducts cleaned regularly.

You can take off the vent cover and slip a vacuum a few inches into the space, but if you go any further than that, you risk damaging the duct. It's better to call in a professional for air duct cleaning services if you want a more thorough cleaning.

It can be difficult for you to tell if mold is growing in your ducts, but a musty smell can be a sign. If you've started having unexplained allergy-like symptoms, mold could be to blame. It can be difficult to determine whether it is growing in or around your air ducts even if you observe what looks like mold. If you suspect it's an issue, a professional can help you determine if your ducts need to be cleaned.


Air ducts are a tempting home for rodents, and this can mean bacteria and bad smells coming from your vents. Rodents make nests and leave droppings that can affect your air quality and your health, and air duct sanitizing may be necessary if you have an infestation. Rodents can also cause damage to your ducts and HVAC system, so this is a problem you need to identify and mitigate.


If your home or office was recently built or has been renovated, air duct cleaning is a must. Contractors may be diligent about covering vents while they are working, but unless you didn't use your HVAC system at all during the renovation, it is likely that dust and debris from the work got into the ducts. It's a good idea to have them cleaned after this kind of work even if it is just a precaution.


Clean ducts work better. For some homeowners or building managers, the first sign that ducts need cleaning is an increase in the cost of heating or air conditioning. If there has been a buildup of dust or mold in your air ducts or if you have a rodent problem it is likely that your system is not going to work as well as it should. Air duct cleaning Denver can help ensure that your system is working at maximum efficiency.

Ducts and COVID Safety

One of the early findings about how people catch COVID-19 was that it can be transmitted through HVAC systems. For this reason, COVID 19 sanitation services can be important to the health and safety of your employees and any customers or clients. Keeping your HVAC ducts clean is one way to ensure that your workplace is safe. Good ventilation and appropriate distancing are also ways to help reduce the likelihood of contracting COVID-19.

Other Reasons to Have Ducts Cleaned

You might want to have your ducts cleaned every few years to ensure that there are no problems with dust, mold or rodents that you have not detected. If anyone in your home smokes or has respiratory issues or if you have pets, you might need to have it done more frequently. You can also help ensure that the air quality in your home is good by making sure that you change any filters regularly.

If you have a concern that has you searching for "air duct cleaning near me" online, you can contact HVAC cleaning professionals to evaluate your system and determine whether cleaning is recommended. In addition, you might want to have dryer vent cleaning done. Your dryer will run more efficiently after it is cleaned, but more importantly, dryer vents that need to be cleaned can present a fire hazard.

At your home or in your workplace, dryer vent and air duct cleaning can help keep your indoor environment comfortable, clean, safe and healthy.