Where to Save and Not to Save

Where not to save $$$:

  • Never save on NADCA certification, which guarantees you highly-trained and experienced technicians.
  • Never hire a company without up-to-date professional equipment (Avoid Carpet Cleaning and HVAC repair companies).
  • Never save on insurance; you deserve a company that will respect your home.

Where to save $$$:

  • Top brand” or franchise companies can overcharge because of their name and marketing budgets. Save money by hiring local, family-owned businesses with good ratings.
  • Avoid companies that justify overcharging by claiming that service will take 5+ hours. The NADCA standard is 3-4 hours per system; there’s no need for them to hand-wash vent covers or dissemble the furnace!
  • Be sure not to overpay for a commercial level of cleaning at your residential house!

To summarize:

A good air duct cleaning company should…

1) Be NADCA certified

2) Be fully insured and bonded

3) Have good reviews and long business history (5 years+)

4) Not overcharge for services you don’t really need

5) Provide an Exact and Final price over the phone

6) Specialize in air duct cleaning ONLY.

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