Indoor Air Quality For Condos, Apartments and HOAs

Denver Indoor Air Quality can be as important to our respiratory health as the quality of air we breathe outdoors.

This is becoming more apparent as hot weather, high pollen counts and poor air quality outside continues to drive more of us indoors. We shut our windows to keep the hot, allergy inducing air outside and the cool, clean air in. What we often don’t realize is that, if the buildings HVAC system hasn’t been properly maintained and cleaned, we could be shutting ourselves into a highly unhealthy environment.

Heating and cooling systems ideally should be inspected at least once a year by a professional, and air ducts should be cleaned on a regular schedule. The quality of air indoors can be affected by mold, smoke, pesticides, pollen, gas build up and materials used in home maintenance projects (such as dust from sanding, painting, refurbishing and remodeling projects).

If a home, office building, apartment building or other indoor space has recently undergone improvements, the quality of the air the residents and employees are breathing has decreased. HVAC systems are designed to cycle and clean air, but if filters and ducts are now clogged with dust they can no longer do their job efficiently.

The same is true for a building that is regularly treated for pest control, is inhabited by pets or animals, is cleaned with strong chemicals, or is a “smoke friendly” building.

Owners concerned about the quality of air inside their buildings should keep all of this in mind when deciding when to have their HVAC system serviced and Air Ducts cleaned. A building that is exposed to more air pollutants inside should have its heating and cooling system inspected and cleaned more often for optimum indoor air quality.

If the air ducts are not cleaned, the air that is cycled cannot be cleaned, and the inhabitants will simply be breathing in the exact same particles the system was built to remove.

It’s also worth mentioning that a system that is not properly maintained cannot heat or cool efficiently, which means higher heating and cooling bills. If the system is forced to continue to work harder and harder to do the job it was built for, the owner runs the risk of their system overheating and shutting down. This is not a risk anyone wants to take in the middle of a hot summer, when temperatures outside can often rise to unsafe levels.

Poor indoor air quality has been linked to an increase in allergies, asthma, and various respiratory illnesses. The quality of the air we breathe is vitally important to our health. One of the easiest preventative measures we can take for our respiratory health is to make sure our heating and cooling systems are running smoothly. Air Duct Cleaning Denver.